So um, hmm. I’m annihiliated with myself. Is that the right word? I mean I was having wine with my best-friend and cooing over her baby in my mini-skirt dress and I had to have just one more drink before she went. You know- just in case. Just in case that hot guy who was looking at me from across the far table, came over and got the guts to start a conversation. But…well that’s where the fun ends. So the drink tasted too strong- too much lemon and not enough…No. Too much Cognac and not enough hmmm. Well I can’t remember what the drink was called anyway. That’s a testament to my will. I give it up for something I don’t know anything about…

Anyhow, I was listening to my headphones and walking around the park in my boots and I was walking across the community gardens. I took a few shots of the vertical set up they have out there in Roosevelet Park- by the school out in Hampden. My back was turned to the skateboarders, who I knew were there all along. It’s why I came. So I walked up to where they were sliding across cement, really sliding! They looked like they were on a slip-and-slide chute at Wet N’Wild. It was easy watching them. I had the background playing of some Seattle song and I felt larger than life. And I looked up at the sky like I cared about nature and deep thoughts or something, and so I was quite taken with myself. And I felt this way through the entire way back to my car. There was a nice looking man walking his…hmm, Irish Settter? It looked like that. I could have started up a conversation with him. Maybe commented on his dog. But did I do that? No sireee. No, my ego was too busy chattering away for me to stop and get a sense of things. Anyhow, that’s why I’m writing this. It’s sort of a diatribe, a funeral of sorts to egos. I want to put them to rest, pile a hunk of dirt on them, and forget about them. Except, I won’t mark the spot or anything and the idea is not to come back and visit. The date will be etched in sand, “the last time I took myself so seriously”, but it will be more of a fabrication of something to celebrate. Have you ever been to a happy funeral? When you put something distracting to you, to rest? This is a whole new flower business for me. I’m going to start flowers on our farm for just this thing. Funerals are depressing. So much work goes into pulling them off. But if …well.

I’ll end there.


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