it’s 5 am. i wish i could sleep. maybe i’ll get up and get an early start into work. i slept-in this weekend, playing hard to get with my boyfriend, catching up on design tutorials. I designed, revamped, and polished over the college’s literary magazine. I rehabbed its website, and I called Gary to get the go-ahead.

my boyfriend called (i don’t know when, maybe 2 am because he was out. by phone he gave me the address of where he wanted me to come.) i didn’t get the message till the day after.

we were supposed to go to boston together, but i got sick, so i didn’t drive up. he’s going to austin tomorrow. i like thinking of him staying in a western state, and, i like it when he’s here and at home in baltimore. we’re good when we have alone time- working, going out to eat, making dinner.

i went to planned parenthood to get birth control. they are $3 a pack. i was going to get a pack of 5 (so i wouldn’t have to keep coming and going). it’s funny because the lady that did my intake in the first place did my intake this time. i’ll have to wait nine months now. i forgot to take the pill that monday.

today was an ordinary tuesday. i wrote for 6 hours straight- it’s this grant i networked the hell out of. i chatted with abbi from the chesapeake bay trust and i’m working with will rhodes to come up with a watershed angle. i know we’re gonna get it. it’s like for $50000 which will cover overhead costs for at least 3 months.

p.s if babies have something as cute as a cat’s tail, then i might stomach this morning sickness


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