today i will….

to-do list


  1. walk past the boats in the Potomac that gurgle water when they float
  2. through word of mouth, ask people in suits (with briefcases), the places where senators might hang out.
  3. make a list
  4. write down each place, restaurant, pool hall, wherever. look up congressional hearings online for help. see if i can make matches
  5. role-play: imagine identifying a senator and walking up- talk! tell them i work at TALMAR Gardens, that we’re going under and ask how i can lobby to save it
  6. sit by the Smithsonian Natural History Museum. measure the miles from the National Portrait Gallery, to the first place, and walk in
  7. .to begin, listen to the first song on The Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story and walk by the 193 flags of the United Nations
  1. climb up steep steps to Lounge 201. leave when the host tells me the restaurant is reserved for a private birthday
  2. damn it.
  3. the next two bars have mostly all American University students. the redskins game is on. the only senator i think i see, says he wants a tattoo too someday
  4. parking-lot this idea. save it for a weekday because on second thought, why would a senator need a drink after work on a Saturday?
  5. go to the Sonoma Wine Bar kitty-corner to the last one. drink, and make a 2nd list. i have a fiction piece coming up and i could use some material
  6. write down three estate sales and mapquest the first one through Red Fin

14.park on a busy side street and walk to 3816 Harper Lane. play with bowls for sale on its country kitchen counters

15.draw a check + next to this home on my 2nd list because… i see a scene: eating with 5 people- March- the night   Daylight Saving’s begins

  1. sit on the front stoop as people hurry down the steps where i’m writing. draw directions for the second estate sale
  2. sit on a wicker chair in 11308 Shore Road’s purple room. write a check + next to this house on the 2nd list- through its window i picture a girl bunching cedarwood at/on Halloween, The Future
  3. circle the last estate sale on the 2nd list
  4. drive up to the choppy layout at 4356 Bright Soul Way
  5. walk up then down its split-level and turn on its downstair’s faucet. wash my face with cold water and turn it off when I hear the estate agent coming
  6. check off this house with a +. write down what i see: me and my college friend/roommate/transient, defrosting frozen peas from an outside fridge
  7. who knew?




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