part II

On the porch, standing over the ledge when it was humid, she was talking like she usually did. She could have been smoking a cigarette that she was about to flick.

I said something that slipped out, like “why you always bragging so much? (laugh , laugh)”. maybe I couldn’t say stuff seriously like I can’t now. She got pissed. She threatened to beat me up twelve times later, and I ran home from the bus freaked.

My dad knew her dad, like I said before. So it was a wonder to him why I couldn’t get along with her. Well, he’d never met her. And if he did, I don’t think he’d probably want to talk with her. Anyway, he was all about teaching lessons and he told me to call her up and say sorry.

I did that, from the phone beside my dad’s bed. I can still see the soap I washed my hands with four minutes before I did it. Well I got on the phone, it’s one of those adrenaline moments, and she was like, “you’ll be my enemy forever.” Wow


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