After Metro and I slept together he said I consented to getting pregnant the night before. He said that we’d thought up a boy’s name, in case it happened. Oliver. That names okay, but I’m not sure I’d think so in the day time. He repeated similar things from 10 hours before, like he said it turned him on to think of me getting pregnant and he said if I were rich and had lots of money, then he’d keep me pregnant all the time. This sounded reasonable, so we slept together again.

This is one of the things that you get sucked into, and you have stuff to do, and you know you’re behind from the day before. But you stay and fall in love more and you do things  like sleeping with the other person.

Under shady, cool weather and a sweater, I thought about what I’d set out to do with my future. I think I’m already doing stuff to make that happen.


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