I woke up the next day and went walking in the woods, playing Enya and getting into a good head space. I was able to come back and work all day/ night, until 11 p.m. I kept waking up to see shadows on my ceiling, that I thought were Shian’s. I turned on my light to check my mail, and I read she was alive in a hospital, that the picture from the news was of some other girl. But then I scrolled up, and I read that she had passed, an hour before.
I adopted her cat months ago and lately she’d told my best friend, her teacher, that she missed it. She wanted it back. This morning I tried to talk to the cat, to notice if anything was up- like that instinctual thing they get when there’s about to be a storm. I looked into his eyes, but he looked happy and content. Last night he sneezed loudly and he hasn’t done that in a while. Maybe he was thinking about Shian.

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