Next to me was this guy who across the room, I could swear was my soul-mate. But then he sat next to me and I kept paying attention to him, hoping that Friend 2 wouldn’t get jealous. Then my soul mate turned out to be gay, and so I gave up. Friend 2 and I got deeper into Apple and then we started talking about the binary alphabet. I’m not sure if this is true, but he said that “a” has eight zeros and a one at the end. Then he went on to teach me the code for “b” and “c”. Friend 2 says that this is why I should make my computer passwords complicated. It takes the average hacker two years to crack a person’s code because just think of all the combinations. I made a mental note to change my password every 90 days, to the date.
I was going to the bathroom and I could swear that I saw Sam Herring from Future Islands. They just opened for some band, or the other way around, in L.A. But he was dressed up in white and he had a hat on with a flat bill and I ran downstairs to pay my tab. I was like, to some guy, “I could have sworn that I just saw Sam Herring.” And the guy was like, “That’s so absurd. Just give me some of your whiskey for saying that.” And I was like, “No. I don’t know you. You could have germs.” Then Sam Herring really did come downstairs, and I said, “You look just like him!” And he squeezed my arm and he said, “That’s because I am him.” Outside, I ran up to Metro telling him this. He says that Sam Herring is like his good friend, that they go way back. Next time I’m gonna get the guts to talk to him.


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