I just remember being at the casino and seeing the tens and thousands of people there. Metro ordered us a pizza, and I watched the exotic dancers while I paid for rum and whiskey. Then we split. Why does everyone say my fake cigarette is worse? He wanted to smoke but we had to go up to the Terrace Level, because that was the only smoking area. As we passed through, I couldn’t keep my eyes off the blackjack table. I can’t remember the last time that I saw gambling that close up. Metro ran into a skateboarder who kept asking me to share my whiskey with him. Then Metro kept asking why  I was sharing my whiskey with other dudes, so he drank all of it.

I wanted to buy more but Metro said we should cancel the order and go home. In the elevator, in front of like ten people, he asked if I wanted to spend the night, and so we split and we left. We slept in his green sheets while I played with Brooklyn’s cat. I think we got water and then he wanted to sleep with the light on. It doesn’t bother him because he works nights and he sleeps during the day. But I turned it off and then we slept together and then the next morning I got up to go to feed my cats. I have to do the book and reading club at the retirement home today.

P.S. make a note to stop in and see Kathleen since I didn’t get out of Pickersgill until 6. I think she wanted to sleep through the day anyhow. She probably didn’t miss me.


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