I didn’t see Business Man yesterday, I didn’t think I was going to see him. I was sort of resigned to sitting with Friend 1 and Friend 2 for hours, until Max’s Taphouse. But then I looked around and I liked the atmosphere- you know the red lights, the darkness, and so I stayed. Friend 2 stayed with me, even though he promised himself he’d go home after an hour to do a tree planting thing early in the morning.

It was DJ’s birthday, but I couldn’t buy him a drink because he was manning the bar and bussing the tables. Plus, I didn’t have any cash. This is IT for the weekend. Friend 2 and I didn’t have like martini talk or anything like that, we talked about Apple stock and how it’s like $1000 a share.  And I asked him why Apple never gets viruses, but why Dell’s always do and this, he says, is because 10% of computer users buy it. This sounded true amidst the bar, so I took it to be.

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