Maybe I’m hiding from last night. The sun was pretty outside my window, but I was thinking of my dream about Brooklyn. We were fighting in the car and I was letting go and not holding back on insults. Who knew where Metro was. I still think they’ve hooked up, or that they’re about to. He talks to her in an easy manner, one that he doesn’t do with me. Maybe it’s because he used to party and live with her alcoholic dad. Her parents were something like 16 when she was born. She looks like Jacqueline Kennedy- she’s so thin and tall and she tells guys off left and right. And she doesn’t have my jittery mannerisms that Metro picks on. I feel like she’s prettier and hotter. I wish Metro would see me accepting situations, working around our circle’s jerks. You know, I think that’s a form of coolness you know. But he just wants her. It makes me want him even more.


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