just checked in with Eating Disorder Specialist, conveniently leaving my food checklist home. i’d scribbled items i didn’t remember on paper I’d found on the plane. i weighed in at 102.4 but i think the reason why’s because i drank 3 boosts, ate bread w/bacon, and drank two minutes of water, before breakfast.

i signed up to get BC at Patient First. while i waited, i thought about “The Center of Everything” cause i could relate to the main character. i crossed fingers for a female doctor, but this young physician walked in and it was: “damn it”. he asked if i had been on the ring before, and i said “yeah”. he asked if i knew how to use it/ put it in and i was: “yes!”.

at cvs i gave my script to another guy who was hot, hot, hot. he too asked  if i knew how to put the ring in and “have you ever used it before?”.  he added: “how long have you been off it” and “you need to know how to use it?” to the mix.  i half expected the grocery lady to ring me up/ask the same question.

Guy is in Haifa and i’m pretending not to think about it, but when i’m idle i can’t stop. he told me he’d pay for birth control if i got it, so that when he got back i’d be through the first cycle. but i’m thinking i jinxed it getting it. when he sent me a snapshot of him w/his sister with “G-Rated”, i sent one right back with my script that read “X-rated”.


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