i couldn’t wake up, was too busy on the other side.  i kept trying, then i’d hook up with harrison ford again, so i stayed.  amanda was doing it, one step ahead though.  she’d gone down on him in his space craft.  the phone wouldn’t stop ringing, it was steve.  so i had to wake up and listen.  he wouldn’t put off coming over, because he’d already gotten the stuff for dinner.

the stars in this room, next to harrison’s, were like crazy because when i turned out the lights there were 276 purple bulb moons. amanda walked in, i told her to shut-up and keep off the lights so she’d see what i meant.

steve knew some guy that knew this, and there we were booking our flights in boston. then steve called to say that he booked his band in knoxville, so we have to stop over the blue ridge parkway and get drunk in ashvellie.  that’s the only way i’ll get through it.  i was homeless there not so long ago, so i don’t want to remember it.


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