5/20: Manic Monday [FYI, Prep More Sunday]

  • 7:30 a.m.: Teach For America and Potential Lawyer, beats 5 teachers to entrance of school.
  • 8:35: Greet students with caffeinated TFA PL who screams superlatives to every kid that walks.
  • 8:40: Get email from Smile Hon, You’re in Baltimore! editor, confirming speech on Friday to class.
  • 9:00: Repeat TFA PL’s superlatives to Special Ed Lead who acquiesces when I: “just 1000 more copies
  • 10:20: Scribble “grrrr” instead of signature on hall pass for thirsty student.
  • 11:00: Go looking for best-friend/art teacher to do her craft lesson,“Build Your Own House”.
  • 11:30: Explain to Social Worker that 24 paper airplanes stuck to ceiling (am just seeing) are really projects after “Unbroken” unit on B-52 bombers.
  • 11:45: Find out 47-Year Old in 15-Year Old’s body has a 4.0 and has found website that officiates teenagers as pastors.
  • 12:20 a.m.: Hunt for 5th period’s lesson and see TFA PL’s lying on copier, copy/change title to “Module Focus Standards: English Language Arts”.
  • 12:30 Tell Principal am “donating now 2 x $20 Thanksgiving baskets for school!” after she walks in, points to kid’s middle finger projecte by “freeze” tab (just now seeing) on overhead.
  • 2:20: Kid finishes my sentence, revealing she’s read up to chapter 12 (!!!) in Unbroken and defines passage as “gustatory sensory image”.
  • 3:35 Tell TFA PL that kids were great today, “We’re taking to our ‘Module Focus Standards’ and, “How ‘bout you?”
  • 3:36 Silent prayer for TFA PL to admit some flaw.
  • 3:37 Go first, break-down/vent “kids were handful Monday, maybe better luck Tuesday.”
  • 3:39 TFA PL prepares for future legal field: “They did fine in my class. All of them were eager to know the four branches of government.”
  • 4:00 Coach smartest kid in class after school, squeeze in quiz on three branches of gov
  • 4:30 Kid can’t get through three, just one. The “Jew-dic-all” one.
  • 4:35 Correct pronunciation, pack up, leave.

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