When I Dress Up, I Wear…


The cement wall crowding the Baltimore Kawasaki Sister City Committee;

Osler Drive.

The pink and white tiles by 9 Bulbrite bulbs; Langsdale Library,

basement, Ladies Room.

The Spider plant, “Reverse Veribateum” on Dr. Jahromi’s popcorn ceiling,

Friday night.

Blue Cathode Ray backlighting, by velour curtains, in between black halls; Anne

Dench Theater.

Green sand sculpture in empty Gerber’s can; father’s desk,

Ninth Judicial Courthouse.

Hallway outside the sophomore dance;

Samantha Baker’s high school gym,  Somewhere, Minnesota.

Smell of 20 Spalding basketballs, dusty ref’s closet; Dommerich Elementary.

A-Choice-Nanny pink copy room, Suite 205.

YMCA jaundiced tile by Olympic pool;

Saint Paul, Minnesota.

Purple pruners; Watson’s Garden Center,

Tuesday, Christmas 2011.

Nine Military USGI Camo Canteen Covers; Amish Market,

Route 40, East.

Three Bio Guard Chlorine chugs; Art-Co Pool Supply,

fifth aisle, second shelf down.

“Hurricane”roller coaster; Board Walk & Baseball,

sixth seat back, left passenger side.

Rain on 4th of July’s cloudy lawn grass, Brad’s new Deck house,


Apple juice, in 1987 King Seeley Coffee Thermos; Siesta Key Beach.

Copper tin fish molds on blue damask wallpaper, Kodachrome flowers;

Elaine’s kitchen

1985, Jordan Marsh’s Lady’s Apparel with mother;

floor of garment racks.

Baker Hart & Stuart Blue Goose teapot, grandmother’s;

Corona Apartments, Building B.

Plaque: “Class of 1967”; Ninth Grade Center,

2nd Floor, Room 311b

Glass with plastic wine stem, the Can-Can Girls;

BobCarr Center, 1995.


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