when a third world came west

When a Third World Came West

I went to a wash yesterday, I mean everything felt like one.
Your jeans…I dropped them at the shelter for
Jack? No, Smith.
He still remembers me-
Gin for corn.

Where have you been?
I called your line 7 times.
Someone picked up in Sousse.

You mixed up messages back then. Where?
Was it a model?
Yeah. You said in Tunisian: “Stop walking. You’ll miss your pimp.”

The landscapers clawed my garden.
That snake skin in the spring of 2001’s pollen.
I’d shake, pick it and throw it, but I’m stuck.
I bought seeds to start-over.

My vine reminds you
Of a sentence without cross-throughs? Well
Your accent listens like 9-11’s suspects.

We left each other.
I gave up on a kid.
But now I work to make them laugh,
See me do it- Room 230, the lab.
Biology is what makes kids,
But chemistry’s what makes us.
If we were stirred with a mixer
2-1 says we’d turn black and blue.
You can’t hear me? Cause you’re a jail away.

After the trial, you’ll
Just be that –
That third world when it came west.


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