Jacqueline Kennedy

What’s that expression?

“air like like it i had…”

Well i had it that time

on Sarah’s…

oh the twinkling water.

There was lots of Nina’s..everythings,

her thermos.

I used to climb steps up to

a beach scene

with volleyballs and parkling lots

without shoes, on the black road,

i can’t remember.  it was hot.

Stop, it’s a red light.  I want to get out.

I saw Nadine, there she is,

By the window,

and i want to get out.  I want to see her.

She’s seen Anna I think, and

knows how long it took to drive her to Hialwyea.

Something’s antsy here.

I think its my lunch that I didn’t pack.

I think it’s the sun looking for a

place to hide.

I want that-

to hide behind a red bookmark

with Albert Kohler

on front, with red triangles

where his smile is.

Iced an eye on Tuesday, not mine,


I socked him.  He said Ginger was needy.

No, not really.

It was his rugby accident.

Math is so deep

when i crux the numbers right.

Or, it’s a game of win, lose or otherwise.

It’s up to Sam,

about where we go from here.


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