I went back on the stuff I’d gone off before. It was helping,

but then I checked to make sure.

I went off of it for like two weeks. But then I got high with Amber

and Valletta and I saw things take downturns.

I went back on just one pill and fog like blew into my brain.

The next day I stayed off  it, or I can’t remember.

I stayed off of it for one more week while I did another pill.

Then I confessed to Tanya about this whole thing and she

said, “Can you live with the guilt of taking it?”

I said “No” for a variety of reasons, one being that

I thought I would catch a bad cold if I didn’t handle the

ailments of my anxieties. I thought that I had to meet them,

face to face, like a face off. Except I didn’t expect to win.

I just knew they’d always be there.



3 thoughts on “#4457

    • Anonymous says:

      That’s why I love Steve. He’s super understanding about this post and my message . You should try and learn a thing or two from him .

      • Anonymous says:

        Well, it’s hard seeing a friend go through this. I hope your able to return to health. I know your trying and it’s frustrating. Wasn’t trying to be controversial.

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