Your Title


Know that feeling when you want to start a poem, but don’t know how? I’m probably the only one that’s had this problem! Turns out a lot of my students are the same way!

I thought I’d start this site “Your Title” with some MadLibs kinds of poems to also help kids be uber familiar with parts of speech too. If you have time (no timeline!) would you maybe want to fill one of these (MadLib type) poems? Having a poem from you would inspire the kids!! Know you’re all busy so if not, no worries!

If you have a wordpress blog/site you can just read sample poem, fill out and put in comments section or you could email it to me at and I could post it up there.

“Your Title” site:


POEM #1fill-in poem);

 if i were a truck i’d paint myself…

and i’d park it wherever, like this place…

or that place…

you know, the one where i did that thing that time, with…

it’s not that i don’t have drive.

i have plenty of that. it’s just that i need…

to get going.


when i think of wheels_________ comes to mind.

and it’s not like i’ve had them in mind forever. i mean

i’ve labored over lots of things that i had to turn.

it’s just that this one is the kind that really makes

everything turn underground.


if i had scope when i was 13, i would have crossed over to…

some turns might have made me think…

seriousness is when …

i can spot an owl, but not a ….

so i guess that makes me hard working, but not….








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