jfk film

i’m flipping through the best picture
book i’ve got,
anything to keep me from looking up rose cheramie again.
we had a snow day which means
this season’s 6th, no 7th obsession.
last time it was the theresa duncan and jeremy blake

i flipped on to watch c-span while i graded the kid’s papers at 11.
jfk came on and i was pausing and rewinding,
looking up heaps of info on robert macnamara, david ferrie, alan dulles, and richard bissel.

this excerciese lasted until 7 pm, at which time i looked at my
paperwork and saw that three papers had gotten graded.
the laundry wasn’t folded,
i hadn’t pushed “submit” on five poems
to Tin House.

the BPD should hire me. i feel that o. stone’s helped me to earn
an honorary degree.
today after school, i tried to get my kids to see
what i did and to tell them everything about the CIA.
i made some allies.

publishing arts class

when bill was up doing his presentation on that publishing house
i envisioned myself doing the same
but launching instead into all i’d learned about Kennedy.
that part was kept quiet throughout my talk about Tin House,
where i did well. i showed around an article by Flavorwire
and joe and elsa liked my VIDA count.

mary and jan let me sit in between them, even though
we are introverts who normally keep seats in between.
to make up for it, i gave mary all four of marion’s books, advice about how
to handle marion, and pointers about how to write so marion will leave you alone.


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