tin house

i told tin house i’d write them.

i have four poems building up that are leaking hope.

lance and ari , rob sold me on the institute

so i’m going to advertise it.

right now friends are caught in AWP.

16th birthday

samantha baker said that she wanted a black

trans-am and a pink guy for her 16th.

for my birtrhday i want two random text messages

to people whom i forgot i gave my number.


steve told me to bring earplugs to club k.

the acoustics are loud,

there’s no where to park.

i said there’s no way i’m parking and walking.

but maybe if i wear earplugs

i won’t fear the mugger hurrying


stang of siam

mary’s chicken was better than curry

it was at the stang of siam.

she and lisa hit it off because they

want more clinical time and less research.

lisa says its cause she has to have patient-to-

doctor interaction. mary says its cause

she needs time to hear someone talk.

clinical research

i’d be one of those who slept in labs,

maybe in a tent with 2 vices.

or maybe i’d get into Dez Cadena again

and play him while i stocked petri dishes.

book review

i’m stalling over a write-up for adam’s friend.

we were part of the 50 that got brian’s publication:

says adam, “create ground swell.”

i love it. i want brian to see my review

and really think something of it.

but the cat’s got my tounge,

and the acorns for the chipmunk too.


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