i have 4 broken desks
and Flower Pot wrote FMOI in red on one.
i tried washing it off with soap,
but its just stuck.

i didn’t see the chips in the microwave
my coffee was cold so I put it in,
then something started to smell left-over.
i went to get my coffee and there was a fire with a dorito bag flaming in a ball
i cleaned it up but i had to use coffee.

i tried opening every window till i got three that stuck
the kids were complaining and walking in and out.
they talked about the room
so i talked over them about their quizzes .
when that faded i thought of other things that stunk-
Ant Farm bitching at me for marking “0” when he didn’t do work,
writing up Flower Pot for not giving up her phone.
she knows a hundred ways to dial.

my cold went away tuesday.
ashlea asked if I was sure id go to Johnny’s .
i was like, “i’m fine, i can stay out, i haven’t seen you guys and i need to”.
i got home at 12:03 and woke up at 6.
by 8:35 im thinking, “why am i yelling at the kids for talking? i can’t”
i guess I can find the muffle in my voice but not the cough drops in my drawer .


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