cats are neat

my cat is my soul-sister. since her, my life expectancy was upgraded, I blow my hair dry on a regular basis, and i drink more coffee and less beer. red heads, no matter who they’re on, have that effect.

lots ask me to give up my cat billy, like 30 times. he’s got cute eyes and he pees on the floor. he sleeps on his back with his legs up, and he snores. if i pet him more than 7 times in a row, he hisses. he loves yoga and bananas and he likes sleeping on my suitcase. he hasn’t used a litter box in 4 years, he hides when my friends come over, and he likes listening to elvis costello on Pandora.

dogs are so cool

you can take dogs to parks, to diners, to see friends, and to places in cars. my cats are stuck here. they think the ocean is my bed, that France is my dinner table, and that outer space is the hallway. what do they know? but i’d like outer space a lot more and i would study it too, if i thought that the moon were the light bulb above my apartment building’s “Exit” sign.

mexican restaurants

Sometimes random numbers pop up on my phone and i have to cringe about who is calling me and why. i can’t use facebook because i deactivated my account. i don’t slight people so i’m like, “it’s 7 #’s, who cares who i give them out to?”. i wind up making plans with guys i don’t remember, 3 weeks from now. then that time goes by in like 2 days. i plan ahead two more weeks, and then i finally break down and go to eat with them.

guys like to walk me to my car. i have to make things up so that they’ll walk away and not take it personally.” i have a cold”. “i’m running to get to somewhere”.” i’m late”. i think about walking to my car midway through dinner with them. even though i tell myself that it won’t be that hard, i drum up 3 scenerios before one of them lets me just be.



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