i haven’t really been a poem hunter, but but i’ve read up on more than usual, and i’m starting to find poets i like. it was a jungle today trying to find a wedding one. I opened all these books of poems on the floor of the bookstore, classics and postmodern, and i was flipping them all.

one that:

1.i wouldn’t be embarrassed to read in front of a crowd

2.that didn’t have “lover” or “i” or “bed” in it

3.had “home”, or “complimentary colors” in it

the art teacher dropped off a bag of Rumi poems in her driveway for me, along with a brown skirt and purple curtains. i sat in the bathtub managing not to drop the pages of Rumi that she’d earmarked, but they had “lover”, “bed’ , or “i” in them, so i had to nix every one.

all i had to do was post to Facebook, “MFA FRIENDS: CAN SOMEONE ATTACH ONE? I NEED IT FOR A WEDDING… WITH A SENSE OF HUMOR.” mike wrote back and said, “You want funny, or biting? Or both?”. i said the first. but then later on in the day i made up my mind to spend more time reading books and less online, so my facebook account was one of the ones to go. now i’ll always wonder if mike came up with something.

i thought of nazim hikmet, because i read “things i never knew i loved” whenever i went to the woods. i thought of the poets i liked: sylvia plath, anne sexton, steve magnalli (my professor). i looked through a guy i went to school with , steven levya’s poems, and almost picked one. i went through dylan thomas’s , through annie dillards, through garrison keillors ( i didn’t know he had a collection) . i went through garrison keillor’s “best loved poems”. i asked the informational guide at barnes and noble to look through some. after fifteen minutes though, he handed me over Dover Beach and said that he had to help other customers.






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