date 1 with gym manager

i went to one of my meet up groups, this time on the Avenue.  i was looking right and left of me, because there were people my age in big groups.  i kept checking with my  inner self, making sure that i was okay with this.  at this point, i’d asked questions about the health care website from a nice lady that worked in the medical profession.  i’d chatted it up with ron, the guy who runs the French meet-ups, even though i didn’t make a play at all to get things started.

there was a cute guy but the type to look like he was up to something. we wound up going to frasiers after everyone left and i kicked at the wall under the bar while he asked me questions about exercise, working- out, running.  i had answers for all fifty. it wasn’t really my thing, but i could talk about these subjects all day.  i checked my phone at 11:45 and couldn’t believe that i’d let things go on this long.

date 2 with gym manager

i had two glasses of wine, i wanted only one, but in the middle of the date i was trying to wind him down.  he kept saying that we should get out of there, but  i didn’t want him to have enough stamina to pull through.

i was on a role, sharing stories about me and my students, when he brought up doing porn in new york. i’d never lusted after the bartender as much as i did then; i thought he could help me out of this.  when i didn’t wince too much, gym manager got comfortable and opened up to me about much much more.  he gave a run-down of all the people he was sleeping with, and all of the people his girlfriend was sleeping with, and of all the couples that they were swingers with.  his stories went catterpillaring through my head and i was trying to think up stuff that would make my brain spill out of them.

i knew where he was going with this, so i kept beeping at my phone pretending that i had a whole archive of girls whom he could meet up with, made-up ones like: Jessica, Andrea, Rollins, Lisa.  he said that he wasn’t here for all that, but i knew better. i actually  didn’t want to put him out.  he was nice and he let me talk about strange things, even though i was stopping at hedges for topics that we both knew.

i went out of there yawning, rubbing my eyes, edging myself closer to my side of the street, like i could go. i wound up riding a block to my car in his cause he wouldn’t have it any other way.  porno people strike me as not being the type to kiss, so i had no problems making out of his car fast enough to get into mine.  i gave him a fancy smile anyway, waved and left.


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