sunday’s afternoon game of tact: scavenger hunt.  i put all my might into it, lagged behind when my team members wanted to, and yearned to be apart of the other members running furiously ahead. my team would have won.  instead, we walked around mount vernon making sense of a map on our Iphones. i didn’t really know steven that well, but i knew  lisa. we were supposed to find six or seven places, but i think it was more like eleven or twelve.  anyway, someone else beat us to it.


i went out to this gay and lesbian comedy show last night at the old patterson theater and i sat next to this hot girl. she got up to announce that the Apex was closing- the only movie theater that showed adult films in baltimore. last time she went there she wore balloon pants with a tight strap around the middle because she was afraid she’d get pregnant.  i didn’t get that joke, but i laughed like i did.

i decided to stay in my world of, “i will not go to the fells point festival, because i choose to see bars that get bands that write their own mixes.”  this one came close..they were covering old Kosmic Blues songs…the ones Janis Joplin ripped from Kris Kristofferson.  The guy next to me knew all about these and I was like, “Thank god that I don’t regret reading 3 bios on Janis.”  See?  Now i can stop beating myself up for reading 2 pages of the  Atlantic Monthly.


i tried to forget friday because my 7th period was still a off.  we had the professor come in from UB and i could see that he was trying to look like everything was smooth all around.  but he was a little put off by the kids too.  i made up for it by calling Off Girl #1’s mom.  she picked up instead.  i said, “Oh!  Off Girl #1, it’s you.   i was looking for you.  you have a minute?  good.  can you come up here?”  that went well.  we didn’t duke it out.  we talked like civilized adults.  i think we came to a meeting up of the minds.

i looked out the window when i was making copies and my car was the only one left.  i took that to mean that i’m doing a good job.


i’m skipping dinner plans with friends, even though they were making a lot of food and asked three times if i would be over.  i’m having a situation with breaking bad.  it’s over.  it was bad enough that i cried in David’s sportsbar the night that Walt said he wasn’t sorry about anything, to his wife.  now i’m watching all the interviews, second by second, that conan o’brien has.  what will i do when that’s not left?


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