its not that my bike is a single speed, but also that its tires need to be pumped up with air, that makes biking hard up five freaking hills. i wanted to do something different, get some air while i could because i know i’ll be up late tonight. i got stuck reading junot diaz’s book, which i was able to buy with mike tager’s $10, that he said he owed me for buying him a bunch of drinks one night.  i can’t remember which  party this was, or when, and that’s probably because i had too many drinks .

last night i promised that i’d go to the grocery store, (oh now i’m picking up on junot diaz’s work and trying to write like him. i’ll switch this)  and make dinner because i hadn’t ate or slept the night before.  but i kicked it off with tracy2 and since i had a car big enough to fit five people, i headed off to joe’s place to see amy and some other poets read.  i woke up realizing that it was the first day in weeks that i didn’t feel like smoking a cigarette and drinking coffee, and so i celebrated by getting yoga out of the way and buying 3 frozen pizzas.

today i stared at the clouds, which is what the narrator was doing in Rogue Touch, because i was mimicking her.  it was fun.  i was also near an elderly institution or hostel or whatever, watching some kids fly up in the air from a red moonbounce. there was also a kid’s party going on.  i’m still young enough looking that i probably could have gotten in there and jumped up all with them.  i looked at the forest instead and watched old ladies walk back and forth on this dirt path that looked perfect for them.  then i laid down on my backpack, remembered that my empty smoothie king cup was in there, spilled strawberry stuff all over my Type & Design class worksheets, and had to leave for home.

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