good- i had one girl in my class that participated a lot, who raised her hand to answer questions that were totally above the rest.  i meant to stump them, just to see if they could reach,  and she did.

bad- had to run up to the third floor, back to the first floor, get my copy code, back up to mr. hills office, ask him to to refresh mine, up to the third floor where it didn’t work again. “operation has been disabled”, whatever that means.  i did this about three more times on my lunch break before passing out in front of my computer for 20 minutes.

good-my sat prep class was great when i started giving out detentions to the bad apple- girl in the blue T (they all wear that actually).  even the girl from yesterday who mimicked my walk bounced back.  she did all her work and she asked questions.  i knew my scoring sheets, the way i tallied the grades, would get them motivated.  score me.

bad- by the end of the day i could barely stand.  it wasn’t that hot out, but inside it was. i didn’t have any fans and  besides my sections were broken up into frames that i wasn’t used to.  out of practice.

good- i had two beers directly following work and watched all the video segments that i’m going to show tomorrow on the great depression.  score for me because i’m all set next week to share this curriculum data with the social studies team (cross circular activities, you are on your way!)  i also planned the bulk of my lessons and broke up the parts into smaller bits for students with limited attentions.

bad- i look forward to my class of 44 students tomorrow that burned me out of the majority of my energy today.  plan?  wear sneakers so that i’m comfortable and so that i can speed to one side of the room more quickly.  ask students to peer grade their homework and  extended review so that it cuts down on me grading them all individually at once.  besides, i’ll grade them myself this weekend if i can (my elbows might not be long enough for the work to pile up).



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