my bunk mate and i have the cold in common, at least we do because we avoid it.  richelle taught us how to crank up the heat full blast, and i was “yes!  you’ll let me”  i still have 1/4 left of a cheery coke from ivar’s, the ice cream place me and joyce went to while waiting for the ferry.  i’m saving all my savory, watered-down sips for tomorrow. we had a nice meal and i had two helpings of everything, but wanted more-whole grain pasta with  tomato puree and yellow flowers, asiago flakes, sunflower seeds. beets & carrots & kale salad, some other salad with more yellow flowers. rice pudding with blonde raisins for desert, and, water, water, water.

i’ve worn a scarf around me the whole day with Texas cedar, tea tree, and neroli- rose oil to get me motivated.  joyce and I popped in right as they were doing hip openers.  since i was already dressed in my black yoga pants and top,  I jumped onto a mat right away so that i wouldn’t miss a thing. next we did discussion time and went in a circle about why we were here, and then summer guided us through bone breathing.  better than a massage, I swear. She said that she could make us our own personal cd if we wanted, and i raised my hand first.

did i say that i forgave my bunk mate?  yeah i haven’t slept in three days because i’ve gone out every night in a row till 1, and i’ve gotten up at 7.  it didn’t help that Macklemore was making his new video right down the street from the dingy inn in where i was staying.  i had the basement room with the dusty sheets and comforter, and i could here everyyyything that guy sang.  the next day i went to the spot where he was at, “dick’s ( ha ha) diner”, where i got a cheeseburger, coke float, and fries.  i hadn’t eaten anything the day before, and so i wolfed it down before giving a homeless guy a dollar and contemplating another.

anyways…my bunk mate took the biggest bed because joyce and i got here late.  i’m so tired and feel that since i flew here, all this way, across the country, been awake for the past four days, that i should have the big bed.  but no.  i have the twin.  while she was at the sauna i took off all the blankets from the unused beds so that i could layer up.  there were going to be four of us to one room, but it’s just us two.  when will i tell her that i sleepwalk and run away in my dreams (for real?).  okay.  i can’t do that tonight!  or the next.  okay.  running to the shower so i can beat the rest.


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