i am supposed to be full from dinner but im eating my reserves instead.  im late for the sauna and everyone is there without me, because i wanted to write alone, before heading up to the showers.  oh shit,  richelle is knocking at my door i think (hide my snack)…everyone s gonna want to get to the shower soon, and i’m gonna wind up doing the sauna/shower thing in reverse.   i didn’t bring any bathing suits or tops, so i might have to borrow one.  would anyone mind me if i wore my khaki bra and underware, they are so beige.  no one would notice, yet i’d look naked.

i rode down with joyce today, who is an entrepreneur from Kirland, just above Bellevue, Washington, along with her Microsoft husband.  they have it all – doing yoga practices interspersed with SS(yeah double S)AT prep.  There aren’t a lot of prep schools around here, and i know why…why bother, there are enough grants from silicon valley/bill-melinda gates foundation to give them all they need. i talked the whole way down about my achievements- how i go out every night, how i don’t sleep, how i work all the time, how i work at my master’s program all the time, how i care about friends, how much yoga i do.  she still kept talking to me.

we got to the island and it was like….i felt so so far away from everything.  i thought about my cats, and i cared that i was not in 50,000,000,0000 arm’s reach of them, but i loved it here.  when i’ve just wanted to get away, so far to something out there and far-out and artsy, this is where i pictured and imagined it would be.  joyce passed a house that was selling peonies for $3 and she wiped them out clean with some money i gave her for driving.  so sweet.  we gave them to Summer (a living being) when we got to the studio, and we made an alter for them.

today i met all my classmates.  i don’t know them well enough yet, but i’ve gotten used to their qualities.  kitty is an amy poehler look-alike (kitty), except with brown hair.  she comes to baltimore often to work with some energy corp for work.  jason guy is cute, but he’s Summer’s boyfriend.  then there’s this web engineer, horus, who’s so nice and he’s working out issues with a friend, so he’s glad he’s here. my teacher richelle is a super spazz, hyper, ball of energy who’s funny.  she makes me laugh during poses because she snorts and she’s big-boned and so cheerful, and she wears Seattle blue a lot.  Such a marina feel.


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