part ii

this one girl, when for example we talked about the city and working in it, said she could never be a teacher.  she said that if she was, it would be in her nature to just rise above to vice principal of a school, to principal, and then to superintendent of the city.  she wasn’t even drinking that much.  was she serious?  this other girl “Val”, a name for a talkless girl, said she was taking a leave of absence because her life was so hard.  Liz and I just laughed and laughed, we pretended to be really engaged.  But it was because we kept getting messages from Anastasia that were really funny.  Anastasia, like the real one, acts Russian and princess-y because she works so hard and really cares about everything she does.  she works all the time at her TFA stuff for Hopkins.  give us a break.  Anastasia keeps saying she’ll come out with Liz and i, but we hold our breaths.  she works tirelessly at lesson plans, and none of us want to go there in the summer.  although her Fences PowerPoint was out of this world and i really liked it, it was really useful for my students.

just when i thought up a cute new bar in mind to go to, packed away for rich wealthy people in Hamden, Kevin sat down and was friendlier.  Liz and i got texts from our guys, so we skedaddled and then waved by to the BBQ on the grill we never had.  we met up with folks at the restaurant and shared salads and a peach appetizer and drank Yebisu beer.  Steve had just come back from Korea.  fat timing–you know the SFO crash and all. we took turns and drank back parts of it, while talking about how smart pigs were, and how stupid were chickens?  then we started playing the reptile game–were snakes smarter then alligators?  what was smarter than an ostrich?  why were kangaroos so prone to kicking?  our conversation petered out because we all saw the bill, but we split it evenly and Liz and i drove home alone.  she told me to put on my seatbelt and asked me why i was always forgetting to put it on. i went the long way, hung out in her drive way looking at a deer and more flowery, bountiful weeds.  i left her to go to my space and pretend not to text up Gorgeous Partime Lover in a slinky suit on my half-old webcam.



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