i woke up and had my morning coffee, scribbled down what i usually do for my blogger posts about my food eating, and smoked.  then i got myself out of the cloud i was in, enough to realize that i’d better get out before it became a fog.  i got dressed in red pants and a striped shirt so that my tattoos showed, and then i went out the elevator and headed to mail some things.  when i got to the post office there was a Hasidic guy smiling at me, and he was really cute.  but all i knew to do was smile back, and run my way through the rack of priority mail slips to fill out.

i was at starbucks an hour later, studying the guy who has a talking disease, but who never seems to recognize me, even when i say “hi!”.  i couldn’t concentrate on my paper.  i went next door to Whole Foods and bought slim things- apples, asparagus, Texas cedar herbal oil.  i texted Elizabeth about fifty times.  she wanted someone to watch her while she sprayed 16 ounces of Spectracide around her wooden retaining wall.  i  had better things to do, like work on my paper, and go to the pool right?  but when i got all suited up for my pool, wearing Yair’s sunglasses that he gave me, i saw about 45 new floaties and residents that i’d never seen before.  they were all making so much noise.  they were playing the same Sade tape that they always play from the boombox, when the crowds get started up, “soldier of love”, “by your side”, “kiss of life”.  i was humming the “soldier of love” lyrics on my way down the deck walk, looking for the deer that i’d fed.

i texted Elizabeth immediately when my pool options closed in on me, and said that i’d be right there to assist with my binoculars from across the yard, while she helped with the bees.  i made her promise that she’d come to hot kevin’s bbq with me though.  i was so hungry when i got to her place, that we ordered a loaded up veggie pizza, while we talked up plans.  we were going to combine studios so she could paint, and i could blog, work on marion’s indie study from my computer, via Danielle on web.  it was gonna be great, still looking forward to it.  after that i went upstairs to her shower to get ready, and i stayed in her make-up room trying to wash off my blemishes, to get it smooth and clean.

then we got lost.  my GPS told us to go down Lafayette, then to make a right on Mason, then another right on Bolton, then another right on Lafayette.  we did this over again about two times because Elizabeth kept talking about funny things and i kept laughing.  when we got to hot Kev’s we parked somewhere near the right place, commented on a cute hot-dog (Dachshund) walker, and got directions.  we finally got there and Kevin lived in such a nice neighborhood.  it’s the kind of condos i would have expected one of my professors to live in, off Waxter way.  i was dreaming of a dinner with wine consieurs, good talk about the curriculum vitae and other extraordinaire. but when we walked inside it was a mash-up of people watching a wrestling match, and a lot of hot guys outside too mixed in their conversation to notice us.

Kevin pointed to the fridge where we helped ourselves to Dos Equis and Flying Dog.  this was just after a conversation that Liz and i had had about not caring for too much hops in our beers.  but i drank mine faster than i’ve drunken it in a long time. there was just about twenty minutes of talking until this girl named Valerie, whom id met a party somewhere before, recognized Liz.  i recognized her too after a few minutes of clearing my eyes to see the in dark.  she was a blond girl with a pretty skirt who kept saying compliments, but nothing of merit.  Liz on the hand was talking a mile a minute, like she always does when she starts drinking too fast.  i was sitting on my laughs so much from the things Liz was bringing up. when the conversation would die down again, Liz would start up. then weird angles of talk would sprout up that were like bad, old dead air bags.


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