i wish it would be daylight already…i’m peeking my head out to see through.  but it’s not sunny..still the same color pitch black.  at least i successfully got through my night of alexandra and sarah’s jibberjabbering back to each other like saints.  what was i supposed to do between the two?  get up and run?  i  was that tired.  but no, i stayed and i paid like i said i would, for sarah’s and my sushi–mushroom and squash, avocado.  it was tracy diamond’s birthday, and we were all having fun playing round robin circumventing her various responses surrounding the square dinner table.  i was comforted by sue’s words about ms. blueberry, who said “god damn it, at some point you’ve got to take back your story.  it can’t all sound like ms. blueberry’s work.  say to yourself- you got to say to yourself, it’s only 3 credits!”.  just when i was in my hay day of volunteering this comment up, sarah came wailing in saying a bottle had been thrown at her from the corner, on gulidford & calvert.  she was coming to/from her building at the copycat when some rebel-rousers tried to get her attention from a yellow pick up truck.  in kansas maybe that’s funny assholes, but you’ve got the wrong district here.  change your license plates and don’t drum after a blue-ribbon horse rider.

i figured out what works best between sarah and alexandra, when they’re gooing and awwing at each other–just think of one thing.  think of that one thing and think of where you’ve heard about it last, 3 times, in the past few days.  then, at the end, think of something significant about that third time.  it works!  i did it over and over at the dinner that i paid for, and their banter started not to distract me.  i even chimed in extra good laughs for the tip. the waitress was cute and i was supposed to grin mercilessly, and think so too.  but i didn’t!  i was yawning.  i was thinking of curling up next to my Soul Sista– my Spy-On-All, my Graceful Lady, my Healer-in-All-Terms, my Zen Stengthdom, aka, my stupendous female feline.  But I couldn’t!  I had to get through alexandra and sarah’s love affair with the waitress at XS and the quiet comment card that came conveniently with the clerk next to our receipt merchant copies.

Now its time to read “The Strangest Tribe”, a chapter from which I’ve been away from for all too long.  I’m coming Evergreen State College, either in the next chapter or in real life, when I’m ready to make that plane trip… record needle down, dubbed playback on…


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