met up with brad last night at Bengie’s drive in for cokes and beer and part way finished Dannon smoothies.  I hadn’t seen him in years, it felt like, and then here we were exchanging words about Johnny Depp all of a sudden and Texas Rangers.  i didn’t expect him to sit so close to me, but he did.  turns out we both got new cars and i just assumed we’d both drive them in together, leave each other’s doors open, talk from across the way.  maybe we’d go outside, check out the 60’s circa snack bar while checking out the bad bathrooms instead.  at first we did.  we walked up closer to the movie screen and sat down next to a woman and her crying, tired six year-old.  but then the previews for Monster’s Inc was about over, so we headed back to my place , my car.  brad kept trying to go in to get us soft drinks, so that we could use the cups, when empty, to fill up on Heavy Seas beer.  But every time he tried, he’d come back in five minutes saying that the lines were still long. 

i kept scooting closer and closer to my side of the car door, but i didn’t know why.  then somewhere around 12 i knew.  brad kept scooting in closer, putting his whole arm around my seat and then moving up to my neck.  what was this?  we were supposed to just be watching  a movie.  i bit my straw and then i chewed it, but then it got more uncomfortable.  then he started kissing me and i halfway did it before resassuring myself that he was gay.  i tried to say it, but the 150 million dollar train scene was playing so loud, that my  questions were inaudible. i decided to forget repeating myself.  i wanted to see if Tanto could escape death from a rolling cart of silver mined from the last survivors of the Apache nation tribe. 

brad tried these moves a couple more times until i thought up smoking.  maybe if i smoked (he never liked cigarettes) then he wouldn’t try as hard.  but he started up about smoking as a kid, a teenager and how he wouldn’t mind tasting it again.  what? so he pulled up to me again and asked me if i wanted to mess around.  i don’t remember what i said, but it was garbled. i just pointed up to the Lone Ranger and James Lipton who was playing the bad guy.  “that’s James Lipton you know!” i’d said.  i tried to go into this long diatribe of who James Lipton was. “you know, the Actor’s Studio?  he interviews lots of random actors and asks bizarre questions? the guy they make fun of once a month on SNL?”  brad had never heard of him. 

i  managed to escape at around 1:45 to get home.  i took a hot bath, red my Yoga Journal, and had arguments with Gorgeous Partime Lover about where i’d been and why i hadn’t phoned home.  “cause you’re not at my home, you’re at yours,” i’d said.  he asked me to watch a movie, but only from the web the next night.  i gave it to him about not offering to go out to the movies in public.  i fell asleep somewhere around 2:30, woke up at 3:45, read 1/2 of my Yoga Journal, and then tried to fall back to sleep somewhere around 5.  sleeping away from school and things and my masters program in June and July is so delicious.


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