Rode all through Baltimore thinking of how I didn’t have beer or food or napkins for my party the next day. I just assumed it would all come together. I even kept changing up the times- from 12pm, then 1 pm, then 2. “Wild”, by Cheryl Strayed was that good. I wanted to sit on a chair by the pool and read it till I finished. Then I wanted to read 100 pages of another book that was just as good. But I did hip openers all morning, and more in the afternoon, after which I took an extra loungey shavasena on my porch mat. I woke up at 10 till 7, to blinking texts on my IPhone from Yair and Jennye. Was I coming to the Baltimore Bike Party? If I was , it started at 7:30, so I’d better hurry my ass down. I walked my bike downstairs, even though I hadn’t showered, and I threw my bike in my backseat. About hallway there I’d realized that it was 80’s themed and that I’d forgotten to dress for it. I was wearing Stephanie’s hand me downs, some cargo shorts and a lace tee.

I rode all over town with the mayor behind me. I kept looking back at her making a mental note of all her 80’s gear, just in case somebody asked- plastic pink sunglasses, and a honeycomb yellow/black stretch shirt. I met up with Jennye and Yair and we danced at a park to, “To Legite to Quit” which sounds like someone thought of it after they looked up the definition of “legite”. Now post bike pumping, I’m so hungry. I’m waiting in line for a cheesesteak. That’s how hungry I am. I bypassed about 8 homeless people in the dark to go to an ATM on the backside of town. I got out $40 and just bought all of the tickets I could and I’d be willing to give them to anyone who will feed me. But it’s taking that long. Noone wants money here, its no good. Just food and food is scarce. I waited 30 minutes in line for Thai vegan and changed my mind when the lady asked if I wanted spicy or super spicy. I decided to wait 45 more minutes in an even longer line, cause I thought the waiting would pay off. I’m not listening to the thoughts in my head that have Tanya’s or Dr.C’s names on them—eat, eat, eat. I was supposed to go to Costco and get all the meal supplements I could afford . But I left for home and encouraged more yoga instead. I know Eckhart Yoga is in Sweden, but on Youtube Ester speaks pretty damn good English, and on my HPackard I’d do anything to get away.


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