tyler texted me last night right before the Molly RIngwald 80’s dance party at the ottobar, and asked me to come over. i was dressed in an orange t-shirt that was inside-out with no sleeves, blue socks, and a grey dress. but tyler said to come to DW’s place anyway. when i got there we listened to DW play one of his four guitars, and i got DW to laugh when i told him that i got a dui when i was 20 after falling asleep outside a restaurant, waiting for my friends. apparently, i woman knocked on my car window and i wouldnt wake up.

DW is super, super hot. i used to look at him when he wasn’t watching, from across the room in Jane’s fiction workshop. last night we went back and forth downstairs to smoke. i think i got him and tyler to switch to American Spirits, the yellow pack. i told them that particular brand had vitamins in it, and they seemed to believe me.

we drank Natty Boh’s until we ran out, and so then we decided to go to the bar Turps. but DW and i both had reservations about that place. many times when we’ve been there before, they’ve closed early and gone to other bars to drink all they could before last call. DW and i both know this because we’ve seen them do it. it’s a good move i guess. if my boss weren’t around watching me, i’d probably do the same.

nathan, the freshman hottie and his roommate, met us up at doughterys where i sucked at pool, but where DW, my partner, won for us anyhow. we were all drunk after this, after two pitchers, one that i bought. so we decided to go back to DW’s where we agreed to play asshole, and a string of other drinking games.

back at DW’s we all lied around on the floor where nathan’s roommate and i stumped everyone while playing 2 truth’s and a lie. nathan and DW couldn’t come up with their own because 1. nathan was too far gone, and because 2. DW wanted to tell funny stories from childhood instead. this led all of us to chime in with our own.

at some point we ran out of players in that cardgame called Bullshit, and so it was just DW and nathan’s roommate. but then DW looked at his clock and it read 3:46 and i still had to drive across town. i knew DW would bring up my dui thing, but i didn’t feel wasted. i’d nursed my beer back at the bar, and i hadn’t even finished the Peroni that DW gave me when we got back.

i’d wanted to hook up with him all night. i’d even lied down on the floor in my dress, pretending i was a psychic or a witch, pretending to read his mind with this card game i knew. he believed me and never asked how i did it. it was funny. friends always like that game when we drink. i’ve done it over and over since 6th grade.



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