I have a stalker…I’m supposed to be writing something for her right now, but I chased away all ambitions to get on Craigslist instead.  I’ve been scouring the Give-Away-For–A- $1 ads for wicker furniture and granite butcher’s blocks.  If I haggle long enough, I can get a great deal to do it.  I just have to keep the Upper Levels happy, aka boss and now professor in crime, and then I can have what I want.

Is it bad to ask my ex to help me haul this thing all the way from Forest Hill and back?  It’s a nice drive.  I stopped at a gas station there once and a big guy that looked like a fireman, said that all my earrings looked nice, and asked if I had more tattoos.  I’m thinking of going back there to see if I can get some more compliments out of him.

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