​I have been good about breaking my habits- like smoking, drinking red wine, not seeing Tim. I’ve closed the door on trying to go out as much too, even though there’s so many things to do right now outside my area. I’ve resigned myself to go and read in the grass by the quarry, where I have a hunch I’ll bump into Brian. That’s where I saw him last time. I’m apprehensive about checking my mailbox because I’m afraid there might be a letter or a note from him somewhere in there. And I might not know how to respond to him since I haven’t checked my mailbox since Friday or Saturday.
​I checked back through my Gmail and counted up the letters sent back and forth between Danielle (more Danielle than me) and I- 12! Since when are Student Assistants supposed to be so forward and overbearing? I try to say things to make her back-off- things that should be real , but that I forgo, to read or to go to the pool: “I have to grade for the rest of Sunday night, okay? I’ll send a copy of my rough draft ASAP Monday morning,” or on Saturday night when I suspect that she’ll have a life, “I just tapped into this phenomenon which was my awful middle school experience. Here’s five pages of my life at private school. Tell me what you think after the weekend.” Sunday morning at 6:50 am I get, “Hi Tracy, just had a chance to read the essay you sent me at 12 p.m. last night. I’ve made several corrections and added several points of feedback throughout the whole thing. Will you make the corrections and send it back to me? I really want to get the ball rolling on this.” Arrgh!! Does she have a life? Does she like being Marion’s new pet? I thought that by bringing in pizza last time would sail me to the top of the ranks as far as overachieving went. Evidently I really do have my work cut out for me. Alright, onto it captain. Let my chapters of learning disability anxt start rolling forth. See ya for now.


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