I walk up to Charles and Preston, and I miss Portland. I pass by the closed Dionysus, and I know it’s coming- the Charm City Yoga space that I will compare to the Pearl Yoga on Davis Street, on the Northwest side. I will get in my car, back out like I usually do, and curse the passer-bys who are not riding their bikes, nor shading themselves from the rain in plastic ponchos.

Today I went to Marion’s class and I stared all the time at my phone because I knew what was coming- I would get in my car, and I would play Empire of the Sun’s “Alive” fourteen hundred times on loop, just like I did that morning.

Don’t know how much more of this I can take- scanning all of the non-Flickr photos that I can get off the non-blocked Google images of Oregon at the school’s computer. I keep getting bombarded by Mrs. Smith’s naggings about posting flyers up on all of the teacher bathrooms for the floor recycling contest. Why did I sign up for this? I took on too much evidently. And, I’m sad because I promised Comcast that I would be there tomorrow as soon as I could speed my way through slow traffic, towards internet access. I haven’t looked at Google images in my new apartment for over 3 weeks and I’m dying.

Last week I tried to get my mind off of my computer by heading down Fallstaff to the pool because I knew there was a cute lifeguard over there. But once I turned on “Alive” again,
trying to enjoy my apple, I couldn’t stop looking at the crowded pool full of unattended hyperactive twelve year olds. Once I got hit with a plastic grey ball, I threw up my hands, headed for the Outlook by the Greenspring Quarry, and looked up more pictures of 11th and 12th Street and of the Apex on Division Street.

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