hawthorne theater (outside)

went into a club and bf paid $32 for us to get into a mega-death/black metal music hall. but just as soon as we came in we couldn’t find room to stand and so we made for the entrance to leave.

hawthorne theater (inside)

the bouncer or whomever had to give us back the $100 that BF gave him, but he got really complicated about it. we left and we really liked the building and we wanted to see the main stage where Hansel & Gretel were playing.
videorama (alberta st)
we texted a taxi instead and we went in the dark to Alberta street and we found videorama. i didn’t know that gus van saint was here, or used to be. but he had a whole bunch of videos here and i searched through a plastic collection of old twin peaks epdisodes.

videorama (section d- d. lynch)

we left and i asked BF not to take out his wallet anymore with his stack full of money in it. i said i didn’t want to look like tourists. but then right after that i buzzed the video cahsier and said we were out-of-towners , and “where is there someplace to go on sundays at night?”

branch whiskey bar (alberta st)

went in and didn’t feel like anymore alcohol. he got whiskey and coffee and somehow they made me tea and water. i hunted around outside for a city paper in the dark while BF waited inside to pee until i came back. waiter ran around the corner to grab us a city paper and we saw that the shout out louds were playing at the aladdin and hurried to buy tickets online. went back and forth about getting duck fat fries but we really didn’t want food. adirol. ugh.


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