these thoughts are dedicated to precious things…

turquoise everywhere

i think the smell of hamburgers smells great, although i know i should mail letters, put stamps on them, pay my bills. but i want to mail bills out to people who’ve helped me so much that they deserve my $$.

topaz earrings

there are a lot of people at 2:34 walking around the streets without a job, looking very happy. and there’s people drinking beer besides me too, even though its not 5 pm

pearl districts

maybe its okay to be homeless and not have a job, at least here. i can pretend that i’m that way.there’s lots of fancy bars that need our money and i’ve saved up some to give it to them.

onyx oxens

i know everyone says that portland rains a lot and that why snow when rain can make up just as much for it? but today the sun is out and i just forget about everything…beer helps with that.

pink opals

i remember national board certification anytime i double space after a period. teachers who passed it said you could single space after periods in all your papers. glad i’m away from it.

crushing garnets

i try to read my magazine called scribble, but i look at my computer and feel that its lonely. if i play it’s keys, it will be happy and it will feel’s the only thing that feels okay being used.

steel sapphires

can more people have booths? they’re comfortable and wood looks nice on clocks and frames, but not on seats.for seats it makes me think of cold AC and school chairs in private schools.

amber beer

adirol isn’t affecting me anymore.we took 2 or 3 when we got here and tried to try to stay up, which is why we took another one. today i have plenty of energy and it’s just another part of me.

“emerald streetlights”

sometimes i don’t want to know what people are thinking, but when you read mixed medleys, you end up knowing stuff out of a surprise bag. i have to meditate to concentrate on other things.


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