still thinking about baltimore but that’s only cause people keep calling me from the insurance company.  when will they stop?  i thought that being a thousand miles away would make them.


i tried turning off my phone so that i wouldn’t hear from people that i didn’t want to, but i kept wanting to take pictures.


we passed by a bunch of craftsman bungalows and it was really sunny out, so  i was able to get out of my head.  before that we’d passed a golf course with a taxi driver who was from new jersey, but who didn’t miss it.


i want to see mount hood so much that i want to jump in it.  bf says that there is probably a rail line that goes around it, but i haven’t heard of one. i don’t know which one it is- the bay or the ocean from which to see mt h.


so far strangers have talked to us and from what i can tell, people scoot up to you when they talk.  in other words they don’t seem stand-offish like they do in baltimore.


trying not to think of the weird weather back home.  i have my furniture being moved back in, to look forward too and also the david byrnes and annie clark concert @ the meyerhoff- june something.


bf read and got into earl crown & will.p tandy’s zine on the plane.  i got less than 1/2 way through scribble with the picture of a cat in a window on the cover.


so far i haven’t been tempted to listen to my cat piano app.  i also haven’t gotten onto you tube to search for kittens doing funny things with yarn.


i know that i should be searching for funny postcards to mail to people, but so far i just want to read.  i’m going to read my baltimore zines in portland and my portland zines back in baltimore.


if i could pick my favorite numbers, well i don’t like numbers.  if i could pick my favorite letters i woud pick “o”, “p”, “z”, and “w”.  i would stay away from the first five letters because i stay away from grading systems on my free time.

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