i followed girl #1 and girl #2 to Club K after WORMS…i sat first behind girl #3 and boy #4 and listened to a girl talk about how her mother used to work in a Magic Show in Florida.  i was okay tonight, even though marion never asked me to read my Talk Of The Town…i went around in the halls of the administration building wondering why.  then i walked across the street trying to avoid the van that pulled out in front of me, and an on-coming car.  in the coffee house, away in the other building, i stared at a girl fixing the sugar holder and sitll asked, “why me? was it something i said?”  i wanted to be good at one thing tonight, but then i realized that writing about the pet channeler wasn’t any biggie.  it’s not like i chose that subject to talk about.  she chose it.  when i walked back with my coffee i noticed girl sounds, lots of them talking at once.  but when the sliding doors opened i realized that it was just the sounds of them moving that sounded like a sorority chattering.

after class i walked quickly with boy #1 because i wanted company across the campus and to the garage to pick up my car.  he talked about his story and when i responded he’d look at me all slanted.  i was thinking about things halfway, and then responding to him, so when i made remarks they were generated from half-listening. i enjoyed sitting in the back WORMS behind everyone else.  to me everything looks like california now.  i facebooked scott who said that i could come visit him out there if i wanted, this summer.  i signed up for a free airline ticket at the airport, one for 8 free tickets.  i’m not sure that this offer is good, but ill soon find out.

today at the club i felt that i was in an open air club, that if i walked out through the orange flimsy door, that i’d find a sidewalk not trampled by big palm trees that didn’t make sense.  i’d see the big city of san francisco too, or maybe L.A..  and there’d be street lights, and the downpull of a tire on a car driving along hte interstate highway that had gone flat- that sound.

but more important , it would feel like summer and it would look like it too.  the clouds would be apparent in the night sky, and there would be a big silver, shiny moon.  it would feel warm and lots of girls would be out in what looked like their nightgowns, in front of clubs.  the clubs would have a red tented roofs and and sidewalks where the girls would stand in black stilletos.  maybe it wouldn’t look quite like pretty woman.   it wouldn’t be sunset strip, or a bicycle joint with people smoking outside.  but it’d be enough.  it would give you that feeling, and you would feel like you were in some tropical air, as opposed to here- these windowless brick, brown buildings with so many floors in each home that you’d feel like you standing and not sitting.


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