i keep writing and checking all my blogs i follow and wind up staying up late, just to avoid flossing…i’d rather do anything. i almost gave all my kids zeros today because they were loud.  i kept trying to give instructions on our next projects and everyone was having separate conversations. i could hear different parts of each one.  if i hadn’t have had to give them homework, i would have chimed in on a few of them- like the one where darius said that you can never reheat french fries, no matter which- the conventional or convection.  this is true.

i keep hearing these dogs barking outside my window at school and someday i think im going to go over and say hi, but today i forgot to.  i was late for temple and i wanted to take a puff of a cigarette.  i didn’t like it, but it made me think i was breathing out something besides the old hot air.  what if i tried lavender.  i remember smoking that too with no effect.

ive been washing and using the same sheets for years.  they get so comfortable after you’ve washed them so many times and i like cotton the best out of any fabric.  my boyfriend 3 years ago bought this nice 600-count set and i tried to get used to them but they were silky and i wound up just showing them off instead.  my employer at my other job used to make announcements like he was an airline steward.  he’d repeat the same theme for our day each morning and he had this really high pitch to his voice—i couldn’t wait to take a bathroom break just as soon as he was done.  i haven’t listened to music loud ever since.

my cats like going in the window and looking at rain.  but its dreary out this one window which is the only one that doesnt have colored gauze over it for effect.  i tried doing that to make the landscape outside more colorful–i really like gauze and ive gotten some complements.  for some windows ive drawn murals which are cute.  i copied these little cafe curtain drawings that i saw in a craft store once.  they turned out alright and now when i look at them, i cheers my ca and we all think thats  we are in the middle of a landscape somewhere.

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