i woke up with ghosts pulling at me in my dreams and i called my mom at 6 30 am in the morning…sometimes i wonder about having kids because my mom is supposed to be retired and having a good time..i told her that she should be a minister or if i could pay her to be my therapist- she’s better than anyone i’ve seen .

after my ghosts haunted me all night i trailed them along to the school.  they kind of waited in the background of my room, and i waited for them to speak up like they do in my bad dreams.  when my kids were noisy and when dierra called me a bitch (sore spot!) they didn’t do anything.  they just sat there.  by 3rd period i told them that i was never gonna have nightmares with them in there again.  they were fired.

this seemed to help during pgc rotations.  i got my the demons and ghosts out from last night’s haunts \, enough to write a pretty good lesson plan.  but then i came back into my dark room and i felt darkness settle over.  i tried to make copies, and then i got out of there really fast.

at home i read my barbie article.  it was the only one that Magazine Article Professor gave me , that i got really into.  the others included the kinsey institute studies at the university of indiana, and one about a woman surviving cancer.  barbie had a sad ending too, but it wound up showing a cynical reporter holding up a barbie that wore sunscreen.

i vowed not to watch anymore reality tv shows this week.  its only monday, and the next one comes on tonight, but i made plans so that i wouldn’t get tempted.  i stowed away my computer under my bed so that i wouldn’t want to watch the bachelor lineup episodes i missed, and i deleted the kroll show.i haven’t made up my mind about the housewives show, but im envious of mauricio, so i think i should.


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