i pick up a yoga journal midway through lots of class reading materials lately.  this time it happened in the middle of reading about alfred kinsey at the sex institute in indiana…i left off in the middle of him plugging up a woman named Laurie with electrodes and having her switch back and forth from watching sophies choice to pussycat videos, to see what happened.

last night i started out at the Katatonix concert with brad but then i looked around and realized i was the only one under 50 sicne they were a band in the mid-80’s.  there was a women in front of me dancing way more than me, and i waitied until the 5th song that sounded like the ramones,  to make my way out.  then i talked to a guy in a red outfit (all the way, through and through ) and listened to my 3rd favorite song by elvis costello on the radio.  and then i watched this guy feel up this girl from my temple, and i left half my beer sitting on the table.

at golden west there was a freak show, i mean there were lots of cool ladies dressed up with beehives, dancing around and asking for money.  it was that time of the month for dressing up on drag on the avenue and it was a blast.  i sat next to two young gay couples, on either side, and both were really nice.  even the woman at the front and center had a warm voice- she could have been my mother (four lifetimes ago).

Motorcycle Fixer was at holy frijoles and i hadn’t seen him in awhile.  he still has his beard and he’s still looks the same from when we hooked up lots ,  last year.  i told him i’d lead some people his way, to the alleway where he fixes bikes. i had a friend in mind, a friend of noah’s , so i told him i’d take his card.  but they didn’t serve food at that hour so i went someplace else.

sarah was at the papermoon diner and she shared camomile tea with me and a blue cheese burger with fries and ketchup.  we stared at the plastic dolls in front of the back of cds in a jewel case, and finally saw the backroom to the restaurant when we went to pee in a key-lime walled bathroom.  she said she had a good time on her date the other night with her ex- and i asked if this was the same one that she slept with last weekend when they went to see the beautiful forevers movie, but she said that it was someone different. i told her about noah and minnesota and about how i missed him everyday.


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