i was trying to sew my signatures together for book-making class while remembering to do all the stuff that i’ve forgotten in the past week.  i pressed 6 hand-bound pamphlets into a block presser meredith named sherlock holmes. look what i came out with: (skinny book, black thread…..just needs some words now) i’ve forgotten other things lately…like making monthly payments on my 400.00 flight to see my boyfriend in MN.

signature of books

i visited dr. chodynicki last wednesday and all i could talk about was the dress that i was going to make in a turkish fold with white cardstock covers.  then we got into a conversation about his plants-he has them all over.  he has ikea pictures too- a long grey bridge behind his desk, next to a red trash can and red everything else.  i look forward to going to his office.  he’s got a big view of salt-box houses in towson.  i recognized the classical music piece that was playing this time.

this time when i talked to my dad about what i’d said to dr. chodynicki, he didn’t all the way blame me.  i said that i’m good in school and that i don’t just work hard, but that my kids appreciate me.  i believed this until i came back on monday, when they all yelled at me for giving them an over-night essay.  who doesn’t like to write?  i can’t relate…

i was thinking about marion’s class on thursday while i was pulling up pink stockings for the stars concert.  she was going away to the AWP in boston, like everyone else.  i was thinking up ways to catch a ride with someone, but then my boyfriend called up and said “let’s stay out all night”, so we did.  i went to bed at 1:45 and woke up every hour till 6 30.  i got plenty of sleep, but i couldn’t locate anyone to drive me up to boston, so i went to school instead.  we worked on XYZ paragraphs- answer the prompt, support it with text, explain the quote/paraphrase…what i woulda given to do one of those on Amy Millan:



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