i wore a sweater that i got in the potluck/swap from ms gamino and penciled down everything they told me to in PD.  i knew all of it anyway, but i pretended that i was shocked..then i came back just in time for ms. snob to tell me all that she had been working on, and about how she couldn’t download my lesson plans.  sorry (frown face).  i would rather walk in the rain to the nearest drug store than talk more about why my lessons aren’t an alphabetical order.  so i did.  while there i picked up covered cherry chocolate, mousse, kleenex, and a brush. and then i looked on my old cell phone that my step-dad gave me, which doesn’t really accept apps, and i found that i was actually able to email .  Wizard Guy had emailedme  and had braided all these love notes in higher level words and i couldn’t make out what his point was.  i showed it to my guy friend who responded on Skype that Wizard Guy is jobless, but looking for a job as a Delta bag guy.  He also said that Wizard Guy filled out that application three weeks ago and he hasn’t stepped up on it…going to eat mussels in the rain and hope they taste as good as the kind that i saw on the movie that  i rented, the King and I


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