So i don’t know why i still have this photo up here…i took it down awhile back from Facebook. i had  a nice time in minnesota, but then i changed my mind when i came back to baltimore.  i usually think i like a city, that’s zero degrees in december, but then i come back and get into the swing of things.  like the crime. i usually want to get away because of the crime.  i think of the blocks in butcher’s hill that are all brick and red and built up and i think those are fine.  then i think of lafayette and how i got stuck there once.  squatters rights started going through my mind, and also being without gas.

there’s too many murals id miss here, like the ones on sides of buildings in bad neighborhoods.  out-of-this-world ones. ones where you hope someone would wash varnish all over them to keep black graffiti from being sprayed all over.

i don’t mind them on my school, black graffiti, but i’d rather some fabulous painting.  so far we just have up the ones that the Warp Tour painted. it’s behind the mote where all the teachers thought we’d be thrown into, if we didnt teach right.

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