it’s like nothing gets me down more than thinking about what to write …whether its for my new magazine class, or just coming up with an idea…i just made 5, (5!) books in publishing class and i went home disparate.  i showed my boyfriend everyone of them and he seemed impressed, even though he was watching some cooking show on TV.  and then i received an email 4 days later from my professor accusing one of us of stealing her example books.  did i do that?  no, i don’t think so.  i looked all around my backpack thinking that i’d taken one by mistake, and i hadn’t.  maybe i just thought that i had because i kept asking a lot of questions: “where is 2 1/8 on the ruler” , and because i wouldn’t put myself through comparing all her good ones to the one’s that didn’t live up.  luckily for me my partner was really good at measuring things out next to me.  she didn’t know that she was my “partner” until i kept leaning on her for things to do.  we both put our paint brushes next to each other by the glue, so for me, this cemented us.

when i got home i made a pizza that was too doughy and watched the Kroll Show with Boyfriend.  apparently i don’t cook things long enough, at least my dinners, and i didn’t laugh enough when it came to Nick Kroll’s European sketch.

i went to bed late and woke up 5 times thinking a man had broken into my living room and was sleeping on my couch.  the 6th time i woke up was the final and i looked at my door and saw a chair against the knob and the door locked…whose demons???


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