hink this is the sixth year that ive taught/watched Beowulf but ive
never seen the whole thing through.  we even read it from the book
this time, with the kennings and everything.  the best kenning that my
students came up with was “butt-warmer” for their seat.  we’ve had the
same big purple books for English IV in the city for nine years…so I’m
sure things have changed, but we wouldn’t know about them.  so I just
make copies.  last year I went to a Boordy vineyards with my boyfriend
and I looked out at the fields all tipsy.  I imagined all the trees
gone because I’d personally mowed them down for more paper.
today I went upstairs to get ms. gambino’s kids.  I was downstairs
trying to read my book, but I couldn’t concentrate with all the
silence.  i went looking for ms. marouani because I had a handbag full
of clothes to give her that id brought along from a clothes
swap/potluck at ms. gambino’s house.  I followed some weird smell
until i was in ms. gambino’s room.  it was paint.  the kids were up on
the heater grate and tables painting her bolsters blue.
when I took a look later in ms maraouni’s room, I saw “supersize me”
and I got into the trans-fat discussion that I always get into when I
see that movie- “have you ever actually measured McDonald’s meals with
Crisco?” and “did you ever do that thing with your kids where you
measure out all the fat on a piece of paper, from ONE fast food
restaurant meal?”

when I came down with the stragglers from ms . gambino , I got to read
again in the four seats across from reggie, a girl ,and five other
rough-housers.  I’d gotten through to page 216 when I had to pry
reggie’s hands off Daizha.  I was busy texting a friend in Words With
Friends, getting 18 points and thinking what other word I could have
used instead….it’s not like I’m waaaaiting for this day to be over- I
have to haggle with the dry cleaners ASAP at after 3:30….


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